Imagine a Unique Gift

Imagine collecting all those special little moments or memories in lyrics unique to just the two of you...
We will help you craft a unique song that you can cherish forever. A bespoke gift of song...

You can make it happy… sentimental… funny or cute… You can suggest a tempo or musical style that you like….You can imagine it being played live or on recording. Anything is possible, to create such a special gift for your big day.

We will:
  • Listen to your ideas for the music and lyrics of your dreams.
  • Compose a beautiful melody and write personalised lyrics just for you.
  • Produce and record the song to the highest professional standard.
Present you with:
  • A complete professional recording of the song of your dreams.
  • A backing track to allow your personal performer to sing the song live.
  • A set of sheet music so you can create a framed wedding gift or so you can learn the song yourself.
We guarantee :
  • Your song will never be used for another client. It will be written for you.
  • Your lyrics will be customised for you alone.
  • We will deliver your song within the agreed timeframe and not a moment later.

In our How We Create section we will walk you through the 3 creative steps of developing your dream song. Or you can get in touch now directly with questions on how to make your melody.