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Thank you very much!

It’s perfect !!!

videomistaleva, 1 year ago

Woah! it’s super good and a very nice song too! nice job , i’m so addicted to this song ever since i heard it here… 🙂 thanks!!

lelouchzero7, 2 years ago

This is so beautifuly sang and very meaningful amazing!!! Thank you. (It actually bought tears to my eyes.xx)

steveandsuemusic, 2 years ago

I have been looking for over 3 months for a wedding song to sing at my sisters wedding and FINALLY I found one! This song is amazing and it’s not a song you hear at Every wedding, which is perfect because she didn’t want a typical song that gets played at every wedding. Thanks for posting the sheet music and the instrumental version!

ctrandafir, 3 years ago

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