- Consultation -

When you contact us with your initial enquiry we will send you some information about our songwriting and production process, a timeframe for creation and our clear pricing package options. There is no cost to you at this stage. If you are happy to proceed we advance to Step 2.

- Turning Your Story Into Song -

We will send you a Questionnaire to complete. This will help us to learn more about you as a couple, for example, where you met, perhaps personal memories or funny stories that you share or a special message you’d like to convey. See our Questionnaire here

We will set up a Skype appointment to chat through your Questionnaire with you. It will be an informal chat – we’ll discuss things like your musical tastes, the chosen style of your wedding and we will go through the pricing options with you. You can tell us whether you would prefer very personalised lyrics or a more general love song containing hints of “you”. We will then make a time plan, allowing us at least 3 months to complete the final production. This will guarantee you delivery of your unique song one month before your big day.

- Writing, Collaborating & Recording -

From your Questionnaire answers we’ll create a concept for your song – an overall theme that really captures you as a couple. It will also help us to suggest the tempo and genre of music that represents your personalities.

We will write your music and lyrics and present these to you, giving you opportunities to review the wording before final production. We value your feedback and want to ensure the piece is exactly what you dreamed of and more.

Once your song lyrics are finalised, we then record your unique song to the highest standard. The final master copy of your unique song will then be sent to you digitally along with a set of sheet music.