Music can awake emotions and memories in people like no other medium. It can bring you to a moment in time in an instant. It can magically capture your love and life together.

We look forward to making your special story into a unique song – an original song created for you, for a unique moment in your lives. A song that you can cherish for the rest of your days.

To help us best capture “you”, to celebrate your story and to evoke emotions and memories for you alone we have some questions for you to answer. These will help us to learn a little about you so that we can design a theme, tone and style for your song.

Your email:

What are your full names?

Where are you both from?

Where, when and how did you meet?

What age were you when you met?

Are you childhood sweethearts?

Did you “notice” each other when you met or did romance start later?

What did you notice first about him/her?

How long have you been together?

When, where and how did you become engaged?

What little things does he/she do that you love?

What do you love most about him/her?

What date are you getting married?

Where are you getting married?

Why is he or she “the one”?

What are your respective hobbies and interests?

What is your favourite thing to do together?

What challenges have you faced together? What obstacles have you overcome?

Tell us any meaningful events that have occurred in your relationship.

Tell us any nicknames you have for each other.

Where do you live, ie, city/country? Where would you like to live one day?

What is your husband/wife/partner passionate about?

How do you imagine your life together?

Do you have children or pets and, if so, what are their names? Or do you want children or pets in the future?

Do you have a house name or a certain location that is important to you - the beach where you go for long walks together or your favourite café where you read the Sunday newspapers each week?

Do you have a funny story about him or her? Does he or she do weird or quirky things?

Is there anything you would like to poke fun at – something that is funny between you?

What do you want to say to each other about your love?

Have you chosen vows? Can you share them?

If you could choose a title for your song, what would the perfect title be?

Are there any subjects or things that we should exclude from the song?

Is your faith important to you and your significant other?

Would you prefer the lyrics of your song to make detailed references to you and your story throughout?

Or would you prefer more general lyrics which make gentle references to you, your love and personal themes throughout your life?

Would you like your lyrics to emphasise one aspect of your love only or does this matter to you?

Would you like your song to be written for the ceremony of your marriage? Or would you prefer your song to be written for your first dance at your wedding reception?

What musical style would you like? Jazzy, classical, rock, singer-songwriter, indie...

Tell us the names of your favourite song/artist so we can get a sense for what you like.

What tempo would you have in mind? Upbeat or slow ballad? Male or female singer?

What type of voice would you like, ie, high or low voices? Examples for low and high voices: Bass (Barry White) , baritone (Josh Groban), tenor (Andrea Bocelli), alto (Adele), soprano (Mariah Carey).

What instrument - eg, piano or guitar - would you like to be the main instrument besides the rest of the arrangement?

Describe to us your vision of your dream unique wedding song.

If possible, provide a benchmark song – one that is a good example of what you’d like.